Revolution Rabbit Deluxe – Myths and Fables (album review)

A copy of the album ‘Myths & Fables’ fell into my lap when paying a short visit to a local musician who I’ve met from the Valleys gigging scene over the years. I was dropping off an old cassette tape that my Dad had recorded in the 1970s and Anthony, the mastermind behind Revolution Rabbit Deluxe, kindly stepped up to the challenge of digitising the sentimental tracks that it contained for me. On my way to re-collect the tape, I gave the album he gifted me a good listen to and was very impressed. 

Revolution Rabbit Deluxe are a band based in the Blackwood area and although have quite an ominous stance in regards to who they are and what their initial message may be, they have crafted a very interesting third entry in their own world of album creation. The album opens with the track “Generation Voyeur” which melts into your mind with its dynamic synth line, assertive drum beat and unearthly spectral vocals.  A chorus chant of “Click! Click!” has quite an alarming tone to it, putting you on edge and really kicking off the overall feel of the album perfectly.  

“Killswitch” continues with its bubbling synth and sweet mellifluous guitar line, drawing you in with its detrimental lyrics, drowned out by the optimistic vibe of the song’s instrumentation. It’s a real highlight of the album so far as it has a nice divide between despondency and the serene, clashing in all the right ways. Title track “Myths & Fables” bounces along with some synthy sounding bass, seemingly a reoccurring trope of the album so far, but one of the reasons why I am enjoying it so much so far! This song has more of a Brit-Pop vibe to it, harking back to the early 90s sound of bands such as Primal Scream or (dare I say it?) the Manic Street Preachers. I really like how varied and catchy the album is, adding the electronic elements to a more traditional band set up really gives it an extra layer for the band to play with. It’s like when Billy Corgan introduced electronic elements to the Smashing Pumpkins sound, the results were wonderful! 

The next song “Channel 5” creeps along, reminding me of a David Bowie song that I can’t quite put my finger on at this moment in time. A bit more of a glam stomper with some brilliantly fiddly guitar playing, militant drumming and prominent bass lines. Anthony is bellowing for his life here by repeating the refrain ‘taking me down’ and I really admire the space-age guitar outro alongside the industrial sounding drums rattling away underneath.  “Reconstruction (Through_Deconstruction)” has an almost Pop-Punk guitar intro which soon gets dispelled when the vocals slip in, giving it more of an Indie Rock feel with the scratchy guitars, layered vocals and it’s choral incantation of ‘if you want it, make it happen’. The next track “Pretty Escarpment” contains a refreshing keyboard sound, confident vocals and squidgy/fuzzy guitar licks. I had the piano melody from this stuck in my head when lying in bed the other night. It has such an emotive quality to it, even though by comparison, the band seem to be having a gig at the current political system within the lyrical context. 

What happens when you your Acid House turns New Wave? You “Go Supernova” with its wickedly distorted vocals and infectious bounce. I must say that “They say they’ll keep you young, I say much younger, you’ll re-enter your mother’s womb’ is the lyrical highlight of the album for me! Onwards from its clamorous break and supernatural sounding synth lines, we get into next track “Battle Hymn (of the New Republic)” which kicks off with an electronica introduction once again, but I’m beaming as I listen along attentively. Bringing back the Brit Rock presage, it sails along with a great upbeat pace and general concern for a potentially dystopian future which is coming to fruition.  “TV Junkies” concludes the album with its captivating melodies and unstable but rousing guitar bends. “Show me, show me, reveal who you are, reveal who you are!” is the chorus of choice, being equally as catchy as it is antagonistic. A great way to finish off the album, with a memorable indie-punk war cry, littered with a multitude of interesting vocals samples and exploratory sound effects. 

As a whole, I think that this recent release in the Revolution Rabbit Deluxe oeuvre is pleasurable to my own personal musical intrigue and audible palette. Stuffed to the brim full of fascinating concepts and extensive sonic playfulness, this is a great Indie Rock meets Experimental Brit-Pop album that has been a delight to listen to in its entirety. The band seem to be quite prolific lately and I’ve noticed the shift in progression to their overall sound and musical output, ticking all the right boxes to me. If you get the chance, check out “Myths & Fables” as I’m sure you will find it quite engaging to explore and enjoy. I’ll be jumping down the rabbit hole myself over the next coming days to check out their previous albums and I’m also looking forward to seeing what they come up with next!   

Myths & Fables is out! Listen to it HERE on Spotify and follow the band on Facebook for future news and releases.

Mitch – 09.03.2021

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