Eleri Angharad – Delete It (single review)

The first and only time I’ve seen Eleri Angharad perform was three or so years ago in Monusk, a lovely tapas bar in Newport; a place I miss, regret not visiting more and can’t wait to go back once all this is over. Music and food, what a glorious combination!

My recollection of that night isn’t particularly clear, with food and music normally comes alcohol and, well, for someone who already has a questionable memory, alcohol isn’t exactly conducive to reversing that foible. But I do remember being impressed by the Swansea singer and the fact I went home with her EP “All I Can Do” is testament to this.

Due to nothing more than the sheer depth of musical quality in Wales, Angharad flew under my radar for the following couple of years, until her song “Blank Walls” came to my attention at the back end of last year. Different to how I remembered her, this new tune sounded fresh, self-assured and without wishing to do a disservice to her previous material, more modern and slickly produced. Think Swift crossed with Eilish and you’re in the right area.

Angharad followed this up with the superb “New Sin” and now “Delete It”, the third instalment in this trilogy (to date!). In this tune, the songwriter tackles her feelings of anticipation and anxiety surrounding a conversation on Whatsapp. She describes “Delete It is one of my most personal tracks to date, it describes a moment where I wanted to express my emotions but not damage a friendship. It’s about weighing up the pros and cons of sending I Love You; will I hear back the same message and feel incredible or not get the answer I want and deal with rejection and potential loss? The song represents a pivotal point in my personal life”

2020 was a big year for Angharad. With her aforementioned releases receiving wide acclaim, she accumulated a load of digital streams and, undoubtedly, a bunch of new fans and followers. With “Delete It”, she will no doubt continue this trend in 2021 and beyond.

“Delete It” is released March 19 on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, where you can listen to it by clicking HERE! To celebrate the release, Angharad will be hosting a launch party on her Instagram page on March 21 as part of Eleri’s Sunday Sessions. Go join her!

Gavin Facey – 14/01/2021

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