Anti-Crust – The Corvid- 19 EP (EP Review)

Emerging from the caustic sizzle of Beelzebub’s oven, “Anti-Crust” are Cardiff’s own Satanic Pizza Themed Sludge-Punk band. Currently trapped within the stove of the damned and drip feeding their new musical output to us unsuspecting sinners, one slice at a time. Due to the current pandemic that is sweeping the entire globe, this demonically deranged 4-piece have […]

La Forme – Let Jenny Sleep (single review)

Some artists are everywhere, a seemingly perpetual presence at every turn on social media. And that’s fine, it’s a dog eat dog world out there, everyone clambering over everyone else for hits ‘n’ views and the attention of an audience being increasingly swayed away by streaming services, podcasts and taking endless selfies with filters that […]