Katielou – Embers (single review)

I didn’t review Katielou’s last single Boys due to the fact it was released on my own record label Dirty Carrot Records. I’d also heard the song from the initial demo right up to the master recording, which meant I felt a little too close to the song and that I was now unable to […]

Eurekas! A new band about town!

Eureka! What’s this? It’s Eurekas (no ‘The’ and no exclamation mark, get it right), Newport’s newest band, and there’s some familiar names in this rather suave/slightly moody looking four-piece! We’ll go left to right from the bands first and only known official photo and thus start with bassist Rhys Jones (aka Rhys DW). Jones is […]


Feverjaw are a relatively new band, or at least they feel like a new band. Such is the effect on time perception the pandemic has had, I was a little shocked to find out that they have been releasing music for nearly two years, but in those two years they have made huge strides, from […]


Deep in the depths of the creative Carmarthenshire community sits Llanelli’s ‘Oblong’ – A beautifully bilingual trio, jam packed with catchy angular buzz-saw guitar riffs and enough post-punk swagger to knock over a rampant manatee hooked on analeptics! I asked the band a few questions about their music and the overall creative process, to help […]

Common Spit – Puns (EP review)

I’m quite excited to finally get my head around the new “Puns” EP from Bristol based Instrumental duo Common Spit. I checked out a fantastic livestream where they performed a short set at the Exchange in Bristol earlier this week (which is currently up on their Facebook page I believe). Now, with this new set of […]

Zed Motel – Leave With Nothing (EP Review)

The music world is an ever evolving/expanding community, with seemingly new genres and sub-genres being created by the week. It’s great and I love exploring as much as I possibly can in the time I have available to indulge, but bloody hell it can be hard to keep up with. Particularly when I’ve landed in […]