MechaStreiSand – Not The Way To Do It (single review)

2020 is full of surprises. Granted, most of them are pretty shit and something that we could all do without, but there’s the odd nugget to raise a smile. I’m struggling to think of many right now, but I’m sure there have been some!* 

MechaStreiSand is the lockdown side project of Simon Babb and Jamie Howells from Caldicot funk/bossy beats band Hot Knife Club who have combined with Bristol DJ/producer Simon Lewis. And it’s absolutely great, one of those nuggets I referred to 10 seconds or so ago. In fact “Not The Way To Do It” is quite possibly the smoothest/coolest jam you’ll hear this summer.

So, what makes “Not The Way To Do It” so damn good, I hear you ask. How about everything? Its laid back, funky guitar and bass riffs, perfect amount of sexy scratchiness and the fact that it would fit perfectly on the Oceans Eleven soundtrack.

I’ve been reliably informed that there is more to come from MechaStreiSand and although you can’t currently follow them on social media, you can check out Hot Knife Club, where you will find plenty of funky riffs and highly danceable grooves to get you moving around the garden, kitchen, or wherever you choose to display your shapes these days.

The only place you can listen to the track at the moment is on Soundcloud. If you’re unfamiliar with this music sharing platform, it really is as simple as clicking a button. In fact, this one HERE, if you haven’t already taken the hints from the hyperlinks above! No app or signing up required. Easy…so go click!

*Katie Hopkins being permanently banned from Twitter!

Gavin Facey 23/06/2020

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