Flying Rabbit – New Age Witch (single review)

We love a debut single here at About Sound, there’s always a huge sense of privilege to be one of the first people outside an artist’s inner circle to listen to something so new and precious. It’s certainly a perk of running a music blog!

Built around a nearly constant, ridiculously funky guitar riff, “New Age Witch” has that classic 60s/70s San Fran sound nailed. If Jefferson Airplane or Sly and the Family Stone are your thing, then you’ll be sure to dig this!

As dark and eerie as it is psychedelic and as twisted as it is groovy, “New Age Witch” is an acid trip condensed into four minutes and wouldn’t sound out of place on the Fear and Loathing soundtrack. It’s also backed up by a video (above) that I would recommend be watched in a safe environment!

Flying Rabbit are primarily from Norway, but there is a touch of Wales, with singer Emily Brannigan originally hailing from Magor. For our Welsh readers, although you’re unlikely to see them in the flesh anytime soon (due to Geography rather than Coronovirus), it’s definitely worth following the band on Facebook, where they have been known to livestream their shows.

“New Age Witch” is just a taster of things to come from Flying Rabbit. With further single releases in the pipeline this summer, to be followed by their debut album “Eclectic Playground”, it is an exciting time for the band. I can’t claim to have any sort of knowledge of the Oslo or Norwegian music scene either past or present, but if this is anything to go by, well, it might be worth a little look!

Gavin Facey – 04/06/2020

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