Fader – We Feel (single/video review)

Newport hip-hop band return with a brand-new song and video, their first since last September’s “The Upside of Being Down” Already released, you can check the video out on their Facebook page right here.

Much like their last tune, and for that matter, all of their preceding material, new single “We Feel” is packed with hooks and attitude, dealt by MC Thumbzy (Thomas Harvey) and DJ Scratch Master Slider (Simon Rue). With their mix of influences and styles, they have successfully cultivated a sound that is unique in Newport. There is no-one else doing anything remotely like this.

Whilst music videos are often made for little other purpose than acting as a vehicle for the song it is accompanying (and there is nothing wrong with this by the way), the video to “We Feel” captures the feel of the song perfectly.

Teaming up with Newport videographer Eaton On The Cam, they have provided us with a snapshot tour of the city, giving us a look at some local landmarks that, given the situation we’re in, most of us probably haven’t seen for a while. Some shots offer a reminder of how great the city can be…others less so! But that’s Newport, right!

So, what’s next for Fader? After a run of singles, they are set to release new EP “The Dysfunctional Approach” later in the year. Although a date is yet to be confirmed for its launch, it is something both the band and fans alike will eagerly await, About Sound included!

For more on Fader, check them out on Bandcamp and Facebook, where you can listen to previous releases and keep yourself updated with future news and tunes, including the aforementioned EP.

Gavin Facey – 01/07/2020

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