Aaronson – You Are Not A Stranger Here (ep review)

I’m not really sure where to start with this, so perhaps we’ll go with the most expressive three letter word I can think of right now, capitalised and italicised for further effect. WOW!

Aaronson are a three-piece instrumental band, two parts Barry (Tom & Mark) and one-part Newport (Morgan). Styled as the most open and non-specific genre in music, “post-rock”, they take the best bits from shoegaze, psychedelic, prog and a whole other bunch of genres, producing a luscious, expansive, all-encompassing sound.

From the opening track “Lowest Sun”, the mood is set, a mood consistent throughout. The rhythm section creates an atmospheric backdrop for the sun-drenched guitars to glimmer and flicker, allowing you to get lost should you let yourself. And why wouldn’t you?

The tone continues with “June” and lead off single “Hands That Harvest”, meandering to crescendo and repeat, each one seemingly more impressive than the last. The best, perhaps, is saved for nine-minute final track “Pale Fire” where the peaks reach new euphoric highs.

If for any reason you’re not thrilled of the thought of listening to an EP without a singer, I implore you to get those thoughts out of your head immediately. At no point during the 28 minutes do you miss the vocals, which is a testament to the musicianship and craft on display for the duration of this four-track ep.

Although the tracks work perfectly fine in isolation, they are best played as they were intended, in succession without pause, only then will you fully benefit from the experience of Aaronson.

They are a band sure to build on their early 2020 success, which includes “Cardiff’s Big Gig” runners up appearance at Clwb Ifor Bach earlier in the year. As with every artist at the moment, their immediate progress may have been thwarted by Covid- 19, but they’re definitely one to follow closely!

“You Are Not A Stranger Here” has already been released, you can feel dirty and check it out on Spotify for free. Alternatively, you can also purchase it on Bandcamp and raise some funds for the “Save Our Venues” campaign. Make sure you follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud too!

Gavin Facey – 12/05/2020

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