Head Noise – 200,000 Gallons of Oil (song/video review)

I first encountered “200,000 Gallons of Oil” and indeed Head Noise when I reviewed their wacky, outlandish and enormously fun new wave/synth debut album “Uber-fantastique” earlier this year.

Following this album release I caught them live at the Moon Club on a subdued Wednesday evening supporting a band that, shall we say, they shouldn’t have been supporting (in favour of Head Noise of course!).

Head Noise are a band who could never be referred to as subdued, anyone who has seen them perform, listened to their music or witnessed their lockdown antics will know that they are the very antithesis of subdued.

Much like the whole aforementioned debut album, “200,000 Gallons of Oil” is three and a half minutes of rollicking electronic riffs matched with seemingly nonsensical, irreverent lyrics, often crossing the border to insanity. And yeh, it’s damn well great!

Head Noise are a creative bunch and as you’d expect, they have created this superb accompanying video themselves. Typically absurd, it is the perfect companion to the song, with lead singer/keytarist and King of Props™ Mitch as usual making the most out of anything he can get his hands on. Ping pong balls – check, colander for a hat – check, a cafetière – check. If it’s there, Mitch has got a use for it!

Check out the “2000,000 Gallons of Oil” video above. For more of this, their debut album can be found on Spotify here.

Gavin Facey – 19/05/2020

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