Jackson Lucitt – Text Back Blues (single review)

For the last couple of years, Jackson Lucitt has spent a good chunk of his time promoting his favourite up and coming artists via Shiny Vinyl Presents, through which he also curates Face Value Festival. He’s a busy man and clearly loves supporting these artists with bucketloads of passion and enthusiasm, but now he’s getting a piece of the action with his debut single “Text Back Blues”.

As the title candidly suggests, this tune is about the relatable anxiousness of waiting for (and ultimately not receiving) a text back from someone you’re interested in, but isn’t into you as much as you’d like them to be! We’ve all been there! Oh, you haven’t?

Despite the fraught nature of the lyrics, the tune itself is upbeat and buoyant, and comes rattling in at well under three minutes. If you heard the music in isolation, you’d probably assume the song to be about the joy of receiving a brand-new shiny bike or perhaps a lovely pair of trainers. I dunno, whatever you’re into I guess; I’d hope that you’ve got more of an imagination than I have.

As far as first singles go it is a statement of intent, a rock and roll number in the vein of Jake Bugg and, well before him, Johnny Cash. The rulebooks aren’t being re-written here, but why should they be, rules are rules for a reason.

This sound clearly works for the Port Talbot man, who has conjured up a lickety-split blitz of fun, minus the looming heartache of course! I’ll be keen to find out what else he’s got up his sleeve. Presumably, his success will be a lot better than that of his texting exploits. Meow!

“Text Back Blues” is out now via all of the usual streaming platforms on Shiny Vinyl Records. Check it out HERE on Spotify. Give Lucitt a follow to keep tabs on both this and future releases.

Gavin Facey – 16/03/2021

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