Feverjaw – Landspeed Record (single review)

Debut singles aren’t really supposed to be like this. They should be a little rough around the edges, charming yet insecure, the product of an artist trying to work out how they want to sound.

Feverjaw obviously didn’t get the memo before recording “Landspeed Record”, a song expansive, layered and assured without being over-complicated. After innocuous beginnings it doesn’t take long to kick in with some gentle feedback, followed by euphoric strings that set the tone for the song. If that’s not enough then the catchy chorus will get you if not on the first listen, then probably the second but definitely by the third.

I could be wrong, but I’m guessing that this isn’t the first musical venture for members Dale and Natalie, but this is neither here nor there, the fact being this is a fine start to project “Feverjaw”!

“Landspeed Record” is out TODAY (09/08) and is available on all major streaming sites. Click here to listen to it on Spotify.

You can catch Feverjaw at Cwmaman Music Festival on September 28th. Follow them by clicking on the links below and keep your eye out for future shows and releases.



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