Finding Aurora – Overdrive (single review)

Finding Aurora aren’t a band to shy away from self hype and front-man Sam Jenkins could never be described as diffident. In a recent interview I conducted, he described their new single “Overdrive” as “a big shocker, a real big rocker, with a thumping drum groove”. The confidence is striking.

At this point I could probably thank Finding Aurora for writing their own review for me, but this would be a whole new level of laziness. “Overdrive” is a big rocker with a thumping drum groove, but there’s more to it.

With little time to get adjusted for a song that bursts with energy from the off, “Overdrive” sucks you in straight away. Guitars lick, drums thump, bass drives and Sam promises “here it goes, here it goes” in the bridge, before a chorus that aims to stick and does just that.

After a sell-out headline performance in Le Pub two nights ago, the release of this single is the perfect way for the band to shake off any post gig hangover, or at least delay it by a couple of days. Still, a delayed hangover is a hangover nonetheless.

“Overdrive” is out today (if you happen to be reading this on 12 August) and is available via all the usual streaming sites, including Spotify here. Go listen.

For more on Finding Aurora visit:


Sam, Nick and Luc

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