Deep Hum – The Boys Cosmic (A track by track album review)

So, we’ve come to this… An album so extra-terrestrial in its sound, so intricate in its construction and intrinsically expansive in its concept, that I’m lost for words for how best to start the review for the fantastic second album by Deep Hum called ‘The Boys Cosmic’. The band describe themselves as a Psych band based in Wales, […]

About…Head Noise!

Head Noise released their new EP “Consequential Quasars!” on April 23rd . I asked the band some questions on what the “Consequential Quasars!” era would bring to fans and the process behind the making of the EP. From beginnings from a one-off night at an exhibition to full on band,how do you feel Head Noise […]

Joe T. Johnson – English Elegance (EP Review)

What an introduction this is to Bristolian singer/songwriter Joe T Johnson. OK, so introduction isn’t strictly true, three of the four songs have already been released as singles over the course of the last 12 months and have been readily available for streaming. But for the first time, all three of the previous singles, plus […]

Dot.s – DIPTYCH (single review)

Dot.s are a five piece band from Atlanta Georgia. This is my first introduction to the band, so was a little curious to hear their material, especially with the MGMT comparison. “Cardboard  Queen” is part of a double A Side (for some unknown reason, despite several downloads and sacrificial offerings to the musical Gods, I […]

Sam Barnes – Wired World (single review)

OK, so the next song that popped into our shared inbox here at About Sound was this debut offering from acclaimed music artist Sam Barnes. Sam is originally from North Wales and has written music for the S4C detective drama Hinterland. In fact, if you go to Sam’s website, the first thing you are greeted […]