Katielou – Embers (single review)

I didn’t review Katielou’s last single Boys due to the fact it was released on my own record label Dirty Carrot Records. I’d also heard the song from the initial demo right up to the master recording, which meant I felt a little too close to the song and that I was now unable to write a subjective review. But since when has this publication ever been about being subjective? Plus, it’s a bloody great song. So yeah, this single is getting a review!

Katielou is a prodigious song-writing talent from Usk and a prolific one at that. Anyone who knows her will be aware of her many books of lyrics that seem to multiply weekly. She writes songs by the day and at any stage during a gig can announce “this is a song I wrote a few days ago” to the surprise of absolutely no-one who knows her. Like I said, prolific!

Embers is the second single to come from Katielou’s forthcoming debut album and one of the singer’s favourites to feature on it, an opinion I fervently share. She describes it as a “bitter song but a necessary one for getting those feelings put and moving past trying times and reaching a better place”.

Bitterness aside, Embers is a hauntingly beautiful song, with a melody that is nearly impossible to shift once it has settled into your consciousness…but why would you want to shift it? As with Boys and the other yet to be released songs recorded in these sessions with Newport producer Jon Greening, the production is absolutely majestic from someone who has an ability to perfectly capture the mood and essence of a song in its most stripped-down form and bring it fully to life.

It’s impossible not to be excited by this release and the upcoming album from the Usk singer, a view shared by BBC Wales Introducing presenter Adam Walton, who played the previous single no less than three weeks consecutively. High praise indeed! At just 21 Katielou is talent to keep a close eye on not just in the years to come, but right now in present time.

‘Embers’ is out now on Dirty Carrot Records along with b-side ‘In Your Blood.’ It is available on all of the major streaming platforms. Click the following links to listen on Spotify and Apple Music!

See Kaitelou in December at one of the venues below!

Gavin Facey – 01/12/2021

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