Eurekas! A new band about town!


What’s this? It’s Eurekas (no ‘The’ and no exclamation mark, get it right), Newport’s newest band, and there’s some familiar names in this rather suave/slightly moody looking four-piece!

We’ll go left to right from the bands first and only known official photo and thus start with bassist Rhys Jones (aka Rhys DW). Jones is most recently known for being former bassist for Jack Perrett, before Dan Burridge stepped in before that arsehole of a pandemic, co-wroting some of those tunes with Perrett.

Next up is drummer Morgan Wicks, again former bandmate of Perrett, but has also drummed on record for Burridge and is also part of the absolutely brilliant post rock three-piece Aaronson (check ’em).

Third from the left (or second from the right) is Dan Burridge. As previously mentioned, Burridge played bass for Perrett after Jones departed, but was also on the cusp of a solo career of his own, releasing two superb singles “Ride Again” and “Just Fooling Around” before that arsehole of a pandemic showed up.

Last, but by no means least is Jack Perrett, formerly of, you guessed it, Jack Perrett! If you’ve had any sort of grip on the Newport scene the last 5 years or so you’ll be well aware of Perrett!

So this is basically another Jack Perrett band then, I hear you say. Well sort of, but not quite, as he is sharing guitar, vocal and songwriting duties with Burridge. Think Pete Doherty/Carl Barat, although time will only tell if they will get that close to the same microphone at the same time or steal each others guitar and land a prison deal.

It feels like a smart move for Burridge and Perrett pool their resources together. Perrett had a successful solo career with some fine tunes and gigs at esteemed venues such as The Cavern and Isle of Wight festival and although it never happened for Burridge due to that arsehole of a pandemic, he has shown his credentials with the aforementioned releases.

Having followed the musical careers for all four the last few years and got to know them along the way, I’m really excited for what awaits them. They’ve been quietly working on a bunch of tunes with the view of releasing an album (I think, perhaps) and have booked a few a live slots that they will share shortly. So give them a follow and show them your support.


Gavin Facey – 24/09/2021

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