Caitlin Lavagna – How Not To Start A Fight (single review)

I’ve barely written a word in anger for about two months. Blame it on COVID, blame it on the heat, blame it on my general lethargy, but what I really didn’t need was to focus my mind on sitting down to write a review, to get to 300 words, only for this shitty laptop to crash and for said 300 words to be completely lost. Yeah, I know I should’ve saved it and no, I can’t seem to recover it, hence why I’m starting again. Right, time for a well-deserved break. File saved.

The writing of this review actually came by way of accident. I won’t go into detail, but although in the back of my mind I knew I had to find a way of writing something, I was actually quite content with this seemingly indefinite period of inactivity! But after one listen to this bouncy, upbeat summer anthem in waiting, I just couldn’t not stick a few words together, it would’ve been almost criminal.

“How Not To Start A Fight” is the debut solo single by the Rhondda born/Putney based Caitlin Lavagna. Although not new to music by any stretch – she drums for Big Wednesday and was previously one half of indie folk duo “Only To Reign” – the release of a song by herself has, to her own admission, been somewhat of a hurdle to get over.

She needn’t have worried. “How Not To Start A Fight” is a glorious, instantly catchy 3 minute pop tune. It reminded me a little Marina and The Diamonds, my partner thought Katie Perry and for you it will probably be something completely different, but in all honesty none of that really matters. It is a banger of a tune and the kind some artists could search a lifetime for without finding; it’s a brilliant, feelgood record that would fill any dancefloor.

Lavagna has attributed the flamenco/reggae influences in the tune to her father’s Gibraltarian roots and the fact that as a drummer she loves anything percussive, and there really is a great rhythm to the track. Rhythm’s aside, the real hook, as with any true pop song is in the chorus “I am working out how not so start a fight, how to say goodbye, how to tell you why, how to make it right” she sings, with a sense of sheer unadulterated fun.

What’s next from Lavagna is unclear, “see how this one goes” she kind of said. Well in that case I’ll expect more pop perfection! File saved.

“How Not To Start A Fight” is released independently on July 30 on all the usual streaming sites. Check out Lavagna’s Instagram and Twitter pages to find out how to listen to the tune and keep tabs on all future news and releases!

Gavin Facey – 30/07/2021

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