Vinna Bee – A Kiss To The Earth (EP review)

I was made aware of Vinna Bee by a friend who suggested I have a listen to her EP. The EP is “A Kiss To The Earth”, four tracks consisting of intriguing titles, which only added to the curiosity. Described by the artist as a “concept EP” and “play the four songs in order, in headphones preferably”, that was exactly what I did.

The first song “Lunar” is what I can describe as electronic with synths swirling in and out of a beat as a backdrop to synth-like vocals, adding a space-age vibe. The song conjures up images of galaxies, stars and in many ways like floating in a place weightless without gravity – something that gives the mind a bit of escapism for 3 and 1⁄2 minutes.

“A Kiss To The Earth” has a spoken intro with the line “you enter my line of vision I can’t see you”, the beat a little more contemporary with piano notes. The vocals are clear and impressive, and although I’m not exactly sure of the theme behind the lyrics the song is still pleasant and fairly different to most songs I have heard recently. Much like “Lunar”, “A Kiss To The Earth” has an airy vibe, “The Dream (Floating)” carries this on with a more organic sound featuring piano notes and soft vocals.

There seems to be something ethereal about “The Dream (Floating)”, as the song title suggests it gives the listener a sense of being in a dreamlike state. The words “Lunar” are spoken (almost called) towards the end “Lunar, you’re dreaming” and “Lunar, can you hear me?” followed by giggles (perhaps who or what Lunar is may be talking in sleep while dreaming?) It’s a short track at just over a minute and a half which appears to be a kind of interlude.

In complete contrast “Interference Drives Me Crazy” almost breaks the dreamlike quietness with a catchy drum beat. Once again the vocals are impressive “interference drives me crazy I imagine our home now” gives the impression of change – maybe familiar things such as home or even the earth are no longer the same? The song features a guitar riff over electronic synths, for some reason it kind of reminds me a little of “Kosmos” by Paul Weller from his 1992 debut album. In terms of the EP, I actually rather enjoyed it. Despite only being four songs, I felt each had their own story while keeping the dreamy galactic theme. I totally recommend the EP, and Vinna Bee are ones to listen out for people if, like myself, are new to the artist.

“A Kiss To The Earth” is out now on all of the usual platforms including Spotify, which you can listen to on by clicking HERE. You can also listen to the album and purchase a digital copy on the artist’s Bandcamp page.

Rosalys Anthony – 01/05/2021

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