Dot.s – DIPTYCH (single review)

Dot.s are a five piece band from Atlanta Georgia. This is my first introduction to the band, so was a little curious to hear their material, especially with the MGMT comparison. “Cardboard  Queen” is part of a double A Side (for some unknown reason, despite several downloads and sacrificial offerings to the musical Gods, I could not access “Glossy”). But hey, anything is better than nothing, right?

Back to “Cardboard Queen”. The song starts with a synth intro, then into an acoustic guitar riff followed by a bouncy bassline and drum beat. Right away I can hear the reasons behind the MGMT comparison, although for some strange reason in parts it reminds me of “Moongirl” by StellaStarr, even though both songs are completely different! The song has something of a dreamy vibe with swirling synths and light vocals. It’s actually a very catchy tune, although I’m not entirely sure of the theme behind the track, however that doesn’t put me off.

After a little research, it would appear “Cardboard Queen” has visual art as concept of inspiration for the song (as does “Glossy”). The best way I could describe “Cardboard  Queen” is an abstract wave of synth and psych, which doesn’t disappoint. Again, I quite like the track, which seems to get better with each listen. It’s definitely worth checking this one out and even other tunes that Dot.s have to offer!

“Cardboard Queens”, along with “Glossy” is released on April 21st via Rose Parade Records. Check it out HERE on Spotify (from the 21st of course!)

Rosalys Anthony – 11/04/2021

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