Conor Latcham – Do You Think You’re In Love (Single Review)

I first became aware of Conor when a mutual friend sent me a link to his new single “Do You Think You’re In Love?”. I’m always optimistic and find enthusiasm in hearing new music, so was more than happy to give it a listen.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but it definitely wasn’t the unmistakable sound of disco! The genre is often name dropped in “cheesy compilations” or reminiscing about nights out 40+ years ago, but you know it’s done right when it sounds good. Referring to himself as a “tireless postman by day and die-hard musician by night” and described as a “blue Collar Poet”, Conor seems to have got the mood of disco just right.

Lyrically “Do You Think You’re In Love?” talks of an opportunity with a girl when not feeling that unquestionable feeling of being in love, but nonetheless asking the girl in question if she is feeling the same or anything deeper. Heavy bass bounces through the track along with disco-esque guitar; it’s no surprise that the song features a band of talented musicians who have worked with some well known names such as Lewis Capaldi and Tom Odell. The song, released on the newly formed Trident Record label, was enjoyable on first listen, but it gets better each time.

Disco is not for everyone, but something about the song sets it apart from the rest. Whatever your preferred genre, I would certainly recommend this and I’d be interested to hear more from him. Disco pop, upbeat and actually fun to listen to – it would be a shame to pass this one by!

“Do You Think You’re In Love?” is already out via Trident Records, you can listen to it on Spotify HERE. Check out Conor’s Facebook and Instagram pages for future releases and news!

Rosalys Anthony – 02/04/2021

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