Codewalkers – The Way We Go (single review)

There is unequivocally no better music genre suited to the sun than reggae, ok Calypso maybe, but reggae is definitely right up there. So it’s fitting that as I put Codewalkers new single “The Way We Go” on for the first time, the sun should peer through my window. Unfortunately it’s 11am on a Monday morning and I’m in my working from home office, so cracking open a chilled beer isn’t really an option. Also, I have no beers in the fridge, but that’s a problem for later!

For those unacquainted with Codewalkers – and I’ll hold my hand up here and admit that we was me until very recently – they are a five-piece based in Cardiff, who pin themselves as rock/rap/reggae. Despite my unfamiliarity, the band have achieved notable success over the last few years, including being selected for BBC Horizons and securing funding from Arts Council of Wales in 2018. Given the amount of brilliant artists in our modestly sized but talent packed principality, this is a fair achievement and provides enough evidence that the band have got something a bit special about them.

True to their own description “The Way We Go” is a fusion of the above genres, however it’s not always as simple as that. As singer/frontman Seun Babatola possibly alludes to in the chorus whilst being backed up by pounding drums “there’s more to us than you see”, despite the labels they assign to themselves, perhaps they’re not about being pigeon-holed after all.

Whatever label the band fall under – and it’s not something I necessarily wanted to get bogged down in – the tune they have delivered here, their first in over a year, is an upbeat, mood lifter full of life, positivity and hooks. I’m not sure what Codewalkers have planned for the rest of the year, but I presume and hope that they’ve got more in the vaults for both old and new fans like myself to feast on!

“The Way We Go” is already out and available on all of the usual digital streaming platform including Spotify HERE. To purchase a digital download of the single and to buy some Codewalkers merchandise, head over to their website by clicking on the link right beneath this sentence!

Gavin Facey – 29/03/2021

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