The Dinwiddy Project – No.9 (album review)

The Dinwiddy Project! What do I know about this band in advance of reviewing their most recent output? Not much myself, BUT I do know that they are a group based in Tonypandy, they released their new album on 13th March 2021 AND create an exclusive barrage of compelling audible alchemy – Especially on this latest album release they’ve entitled ‘No.9’.

As soon as I press play on opening track ‘The Law of One” I’ve become instantly invested! In some twisted dimension this song is being blasted out of loudspeakers in the middle a sullen futuristic town square. Used as the introduction to a creepy forgotten kid’s TV show theme up on a big wide screen, Big Brother style. Don’t ask where this conjured creation has come from, but I’m sure you’ll have similar visions yourself after being subjected to The Dinwiddy Project for the first time. Sonically it’s a brilliant kaleidoscope of sound, but also really catchy in its own surreal way.

“Food For Thought” sails out of my speakers with its bubbling synth sounds and abstract vocal arrangements, layered with the psychedelic drawl of Satanic Majesties era Rolling Stones meets Vantage Point era Primal Scream. A hooky guitar line shows me “Cool Skimmer”, a much more shoegaze lead track with its ghoulish distorted vocals but underlying late 80s pop sentimentality. I really like the mix of male and female vocals throughout the track, it reminds me of Slowdive’s dream-like haze and misty sereneness in its soundscape.

“Follow Your Path” takes more of an inspired 1960s psychedelic approach with its foreboding organs and clean guitar interplay. I’m enjoying picking up on the musical flourishes in the arrangements and the equivocal themes presented in the song’s lyrics, especially on this track. To me the song suggests a sense of longing and a need to break out from what is holding you back. However, this is just how I’ve interpreted it, I may be totally wrong!

A nice clean drum beat starts off the mystical feel of “Dwell” with its ear-pleasing guitar lines and confidently smooth bass lines. A bit of fuzzy guitar slides into play here and there, just to break up the relaxed melancholy of this entrancing instrumental track. “Sunshine of The Bomb” sneaks in an Ennio Morricone like guitar riff, playing nicely alongside the glazed style of music that adorns the album as a whole. We are also treated to some Beatles-esque lyrical content, mirroring the vibe of the track brilliantly!

Continuing the Wild West guitar theme, “Lost Outside The Box” slides along next at a sanguine pace, giving a convincing comparison to the band Fun Lovin’ Criminals with the inclusion of a slick bass line and twanging guitar strums. “The All” has more of a 90s indie vibe, featuring more of that shoegaze influence and a fuzzy instrumental chug. Also containing a peaceful acoustic guitar gently flowing underneath, it’s a great track to wind down and drift into tranquilly.

The final track “Esrever Ni Ecnelis” must take some influence from composer John Cage in some shape or form, as it’s nothing but pure quiet, which The Dinwiddy Project has been nice enough to play backwards for us too. (You know, just to give it that extra special mind-expanding effect!) My favourite song of the album? Probably not, but artistically it ticks all the right boxes.

As a whole, it was a pleasure to dive into this album and to listen to The Dinwiddy Project for the first time. I’m really glad that it was sent to me to review as this is an album that is definitely up my street with its classic psychedelia inspired spirit and use of prominent instrumental sounds and techniques within. I highly recommend that you check it out as it has a nice divide between the modern and let’s say, a more time-honored feel, making the album a stimulating listen overall.

No.9 is out now on Bandcamp, Spotify and probably all of the other streaming sites! Go listen (hyperlinked above)!

Mitchell Tennant – 21/03/2021

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