I AM DRUG – Dreamers May Trespass (EP review)

I AM DRUG don’t come across as particularly restrained, but then again you wouldn’t really expect that from a band called I AM DRUG! What are you fancying, camomile tea and a face mask? This isn’t for you! 

I would hope that my opening sentence has successfully conveyed that I AM DRUG are not for the faint hearted. As with their debut 2019 debut release THE  D.O.N.A.L.D EP, here they have efficaciously channelled the garage rock/punk rock spirit with snarly, redoubtable vocals backed up with a barrage of distorted guitars and tub thumping drums.

Due to the stop/start The Jesus Lizard-like nature of I AM DRUG, there is a sense that the whole parade could unravel and fall apart at the seam at any moment. After threatening to do just thing in the first two tracks, this finally happens in the eponymously titled third track. As the breakdown commences, singer Christian Sargent spits with Lydon-esque abandon “I am the big bang theory, I am a seething mass of contradiction, I am a collection of porcelain figure never completed”, before settling on and repeating “I am drug”. Reassurance is everything these days!

“Dreamers May Trespass”, their second EP, was actually released in August last year, but by the bands own admission it received very little publicity and this is something they would like to rectify. And who can blame them? They’re right, this EP is too good to go under the radar and deserves to be heard. So give it a listen…and when you do, turn it up nice and loud!

“Dreamers May Trespass” is out now. Click HERE to purchase the music via Bandcamp, or listen via Spotify to feel dirty.

Gavin Facey – 09/03/2021

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