The Bug Club – We Don’t Need Room For Lovin’ (single review)

“Absolutely completely and utterly irresistible”. Review done. Sorted. Thanks to BBC 6 Music demigod Marc Riley for taking those words right out of my mouth before my brain had had the chance of selecting and organising them into an appropriate order.

Those words were relating to the fabulous new single by Caldicot/Kidderminster band The Bug Club, long-time favourite’s of mine and one who, of late, have left us fans with little other than scraps. Totally delightful scraps I may add!

Although not the first Bug Club recording, “We Don’t Need Room For Lovin’” is their first official single and they are releasing it with the Sheffield based Bingo Records, who seem to totally get the vibe of The Bug Club.

Coming in at smack on two minutes, this tune is a rollicking blitz of unadulterated joy, brilliantly encapsulating what the band are about to the many new fans they are sure to accumulate. Irreverent, witty and infectious pop/rock tunes is what Sam, Tilly and Dan deal in heavily and with “We Don’t Need Room For Lovin’” it is all there and more. In a sentence; absolutely completely and utterly irresistible.

Released as a single and available on all digital streaming services, “We Don’t Need Room For Lovin’” will be released as part of four track EP “Launching Moondream One” at the end of April. Click on the bands Bandcamp page and order the EP on vinyl right now!

Gavin Facey – 14/02/2021

Artwork: Mr Ben, Bingo Records

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