Finding Aurora – The Last Call (single review)

2019 was a pretty big year for Finding Aurora. A sell-out home town gig in Le Pub, two room shaking singles and an increasing reputation as one of the region’s most exciting fledgling rock bands. Not too shabby for a group in just their second year.

I needn’t go into any detail about what happened the following year, but the result for Finding Aurora, as it was for many artists (and not just artists may I add!) was a COVID induced slumber.

Despite their apparent inactivity, the boys (now a four piece with the addition of second guitarist Lloyd Flower) have been busy behind the scenes preparing their 2021 onslaught, with this super new single “The Last Call”, the first of what we hope will be many Finding Aurora releases this year.

With their roots firmly in 80s and 90s alternative rock, it wouldn’t be prudent to expect Finding Aurora to produce anything outside the box, but they’ve got plenty of time for that. With this new single they have produced more of what we’ve become accustomed to in their short existence; a fast, fizzing, punchy rock song. Turn it up loud enough and you can almost feel the exuberance and energy that they exhibit as a live unit.
Of the song, writer/vocalist/guitarist Sam Jenkins said “I remember writing the song during our second year as a band and was inspired by a lot of false image and relationships in the music industry with people in general who don’t bring you much in life”. Yeah and there are plenty of those about!

Despite the unintended hiatus, Finding Aurora have picked up exactly where they left off and have set an early marker in 2021, not just for themselves, but their counterparts on the South Wales scene. They’ll be keen to capitalise on this confident start to this next phase of their career and knowing this band, it will be great fun to watch!

“The Last Call” is out on all digital platforms and is accompanied by the brilliant video (above), shot in The Westgate Hotel by the fantastic Wide Island Films.

Gavin Facey – 02/02/2021

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