The Rotanas – Spinner (single review)

The Rotanas like to talk a good game. Not to say they are egomaniacal, they just have an unwavering belief in the music that they write and perform. And why not? I mean what’s the point if you don’t believe you can get all the way to the top

Touting the release of Spinner as a “new dawn in history [for the Rotanas]” the band, bolstered by the addition of a 5th member and second guitarist, have drawn a line under The Rotanas mark 1 and ushered in a new era with a tune that is…wait for it…their best tune yet. I know, I know, I’m a disgusting churner of clichés.

“Spinner”, their fifth single and first since the more down tempo “Figure It Out Alone” sees the band in more familiar territory and although songwriter James Wilson is more than capable of penning lighter lofting ballads, it feels that right now, their strongest hand is energetic rousers like this effort.

The song kicks off with a menacing bassline, like “She Bangs The Drums” if it had a bump of speed, before settling into an arrangement of melodic guitars and vocals, backed by a rhythm section tighter and more slick than previous offerings. As ever with a Rotanas tune it is awash with hooks and delivered assuredly by singer Harry Watton who’s vocal style falls somewhere between a young, pre crooning Alex Turner and Tom Meighan (it’s ok to mention him, right?).

After a few years in the wilderness, indie guitar music is probably due another peak in the UK. The Rotanas have the sound, the confidence and, it would seem, the songs to ensure they are part of the rise should it occur. All they need now is good timing and of course, as ever, that little bit of luck. Up the ‘tanas!

“Spinner” is already out! Get it here and select whatever streaming site you use. Give the band a follow on Facebook for all future news and releases.

Gavin Facey – 25/01/2021

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