Papa Jupe’s Tauras Club – Agent Orange (single review)

I first came across Papa Jupe’s Taurus Club in what seems like an age ago, but at the same time about two weeks ago. I knew nothing about them then and although I only caught the last song and a half, I liked what I saw. They were energetic, mysterious and from what I could gauge in those five minutes or so, a bit off the wall.

That was then and fast forward nearly two years later, I still know pretty much nothing about them. To be honest, based on a lack of social media interaction, I had (wrongly) presumed that they had packed it in and that my aforementioned fleeting experience of the band to be both my first and last.

Suffice to say, the release of their debut song “Agent Orange” (about a certain US president) came as a bit of a surprise to me, and to my delight it is an absolute belter. Coming in at a shade under two minutes it’s playful, devilish and catchy. It’s the kind of song you can play again and again without the allure diminishing, as I can attest!

There’s something very endearing about Papa Jupe’s T.C. and although they have just the solitary single to their name, I’m prepared to put my reputation on the line and say that it won’t be the last time they make me compelled to write some complimentary words about them!

I finish this review fresh from the news that the protagonist of this song has been usurped from his position as leader of the free world, as well as Papa Jupe’s T.C. announcing they are releasing a new song as early this coming Thursday (12th). This 2020 lark is damn hard to keep up with!

“Agent Orange” is out now! Get it all on the regular streaming sites (probably) and specifically here on Spotify and/or check out the video above!

Gavin Facey – 08/11/2020

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