Otto – Tell Me Something (single review)

2020 has been a difficult year for musicians across the globe but here in our little Welsh bubble, a number of artists have shown their resilience to the effect of current events. One of which is Rhondda based singer-songwriter, Otto.

Garnering support from Welsh Arts projects such as Forte and BBC Horizons in the last few years, it’s been apparent for a while that the right sort of people were taking an interest in the young Welsh musician. These assumptions proved true when after some months of containing his excitement, Otto finally announced that his involvement with Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics fame had led to a signing to Bay Street Records.

Jumping straight in with an immediately catchy chorus, Otto’s latest offering starts with a sparse but effective arrangement of minimal guitar and vocals with additional instrumentation gradually presenting themselves in a style that may initially throw some long-term fans of one of Wales’ rising folk heroes.

Something of a departure from songs that featured on Otto’s debut release ‘Post’ (an EP inspired by his current dwelling place – an old Post Office), “Tell Me Something” takes these nostalgic, folk sentiments and places them in a bustling inner-city with its intricate contemporary beats, polished production and pop production.

Otto’s ability to channel his storytelling and poetry into song is the kind of quality that makes him such an impressive songwriter, but this most recent track doesn’t play out the same way. Otto describes the song as ‘an apology letter to a friend’, making it all the more relatable from the outset. It’s concise in its efforts to engage and the delivery is flawless, with a relentless chorus which by the end of the song is so familiar it’s as if it’s always been there.

It seems that Otto’s coupling with Dave Stewart has proved fruitful with this latest release, we can only wait for what else the pair have in store.

Tell Me Something is available now on Bay Street Records on all of the usual digital platforms. Check it out here on Spotify or check out the YouTube video above.

Martin Field – 04/11/2020

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