We’ve Come To Steal Your Energy – Sunnyhill Road/eXPERIMENT No1 (single review)

It’s great when you can say you were there at the start of a bands career, that you were following them before they hit fame and fortune, before they signed a record deal with that mega cool independent record label everyone is talking about.

With We’ve Come To Steal Your Energy, I can truthfully and proudly say I was there at the start. OK, so they’re not playing the Motorpoint (who is though?) and they’re not signed to Rough Trade, but here I am, writing about their debut single “Sunnyhill Road/eXPERIMENT No1”, 14 months after I received and consequently reviewed “Work In Progress (supporters copy)”.

For a band that pride themselves on the absurd, track one “Sunnyhill Road”, is by their standards curiously lacking in abnormality and, dare I say, is pretty accessible! Don’t be mistaken, it still deals heavily in surrealism, with deadpan lyrics such as “I’m first up, so I put the kettle on, I take the dog for a walk, I’m getting things done” and “You’re off to the shops, I’ll see you later (alligator)” set against the back drop of dreamy synths and a Tomorrow Never Knows inspired drumbeat.

If track one is the wistful, almost naive dream where everything is dandy then track two, “eXPERIMENT No1”, is the anxiety filled nightmare “It took everything we had. It took everything we had. It took all our colour. It took our songs” is the panic-stricken utterance, whilst the music conveys an eerie, spacey vibe. Pre COVID v post COVID, perhaps?

Completing the track-list is the misleadingly titled “28minutes, 48point 9seconds”, ok it’s long, but not quite that long, coming in at a measly 11 minutes 10 seconds. If track one is the seamless dream and track two the impending nightmare then track three is the reoccurring night terror. With its repeated fuzzy riff, indistinguishable lyrics and doomy, spasmodic drones (the longer the note the more dread, right?), it is a track created to test. And I passed. I think.

As debut releases go, “Sunnyhill Road/eXPERIMENT No1” is without doubt a success, not just for We’ve Come To Steal Your Energy, but for the newly formed SWND Records. To see a label getting behind a band so willing to experiment and diversify is a welcome change. More, please!

“Sunnyhill Road/eXPERIMENT No1” will be released on September 19 on SWND Records. The CD will be available via the bands Bandcamp page and at some point in the near future from a host of record shops, including these listed:

Diverse Records – Newport
Derricks – Swansea
Swansea Bay Records – Swansea
Spillers – Cardiff
Kelly’s – Cardiff
Red House Music – Aberdare
Music One – Abergavenny

Gavin Facey – 16/09/2020

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