Feverjaw – Bloodwork (single review)

After releasing a trilogy of singles since their formation last year, South Wales three-piece Feverjaw return with brand new track “Bloodwork”, a taster of their upcoming debut album.

Feverjaw are a band evidently on a mission. Whereas some bands tend to take their time in discovering, developing and honing their sound, their vision is clear and they’re not messing about in delivering their intentions. And in times as confusing as these, it’s refreshing to see some clarity!

“Feverjaw” are a band all about fearless, driving guitars and choruses you’re singing along to before you’ve finished listening to it for the first time and wear their influences on their sleeve whilst doing so. If you want Avant-garde or Nu jazz then they’re probably not for you, if it’s classic, 90’s alternative rock you’re after, then you’ve struck gold!

“Bloodwork” is already out. Click HERE to listen to it on Spotify and be sure to follow the band on Facebook and Twitter to keep an eye on future releases, including their forthcoming new album, which promises to be a bit of a banger!

Gavin Facey 08/09/2020

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