Mahouts – Some Nights I Hear Her Call My Name (single review)

Straight from the beautiful hidden landscape of a small village situated in the mountainous valleys of the Rhondda Cynon Taf, “Some Nights I Hear Her Call My Name” is the latest single release from Cwmaman based songsmith Mahouts. I’ve been lucky to witness this particular track’s upcoming music video ahead of its release and it is truly a remarkable and gorgeously shot piece of visual artwork to accompany an impressive new release. 

The song begins quite menacingly with the sinister twang of a precisely strummed acoustic guitar, setting the tone for the haunting subcurrent to follow.  As the vocals creep into play, we get a sense of familiarity with the calm but assured vocal melodies, telling a tale of prevalent woe with ominous overtones, delivered with a confident grandeur.

The song picks up the tempo with a burst of percussion and the repeated refrain of ‘Some Nights I Hear Her Call My Name’ which leads to into an ear-pleasing flow of gritty and rustic musicianship and chant like backing vocals. This teleports you right into a kind of sentimental but also robust atmosphere that Mahouts have intrinsically crafted.

Without scouring the band’s Facebook page for any clues, it’s hard to put my finger on any definite influences the band may have. The song reminded my partner of a folky version of the band Clutch, but I got some Neil Young and Crazy Horse & “Funeral” era Arcade Fire vibes. The extra percussion and slick instrumentation to the track really makes it shine, which is also carried by its bold and self-assured singing approach. I think the song is a fantastic addition to the collective output of its main singer/songwriter and if this introduction to the new album is anything to go by, then we are in for a real treat!

Mahouts forthcoming album “It Might Be Hot Outside, But The Dirt Is Cold”, is due out in the near future. The new music video for “Some Nights I Hear Her Call My Name”, directed by Matthew Palmer was released yesterday. Check it out HERE on their Facebook page and give them a like! The song is also available to download on Bandcamp, why not purchase it and help the band their forthcoming album?

Mitchell Tennant – 24/08/2020

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