Joe Kelly & The Royal Pharmacy – The Neighbours (video release)

Without wishing to sound too sentimental, this is the song EVERYONE needs to hear right now. From this sentence on you have two options, a) finish reading this review right now and click on the video above or b) carry on reading this review and then click on the video above. It makes no odds to me. 

For those of you who carried on reading and saw through my false brazenness, thank you. I’m not as tough as this hardened exterior of mine suggests (OK, you can stop laughing now).

Where was I? Ah, yes “The Neighbours”, the latest release by Newport’s finest, Joe Kelly & The Royal Pharmacy. The band have opted for a very modern video release only, no doubt with the intention of capturing the attention and hearts of a nation bored and glued to social media. The video stars Kelly himself in various positions of his living room playing his guitar and, on occasions, looking bored and discontented. Pretty relatable, right?

Recorded remotely during lockdown and smartly produced by band keyboardist Jon Greening, “The Neighbours” is as immediate as anything the band have released to date and is sure to transcend their current fanbase, whilst still pleasing their current followers. With its gentle piano intro, steady build up and call to arms like chorus it is a summer anthem in waiting, lighter phone torch in the air festival favourite ready. Ahh, festivals, remember them?

Whilst not actually written with self isolation in mind, music is always open for interpretation and us humans, well, we’re an interpretative bunch and always happy to allow sentiment to get the better of us. It is the first of what could be a few lockdown releases from the band, of course dependent on how long the lockdown actually lasts, but if this is the quality of things to come from them, and one suspects it might be…then that’s at least one positive to come of this situation!

“The Neighbours” is already out there. You can check it out on the YouTube link above, or by clicking on this link here, which will take you to the video on Facebook.

Gavin Facey – 21/05/2020

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