Anti-Crust – The Corvid- 19 EP (EP Review)

Emerging from the caustic sizzle of Beelzebub’s oven, “Anti-Crust” are Cardiff’s own Satanic Pizza Themed Sludge-Punk band. Currently trapped within the stove of the damned and drip feeding their new musical output to us unsuspecting sinners, one slice at a time. Due to the current pandemic that is sweeping the entire globe, this demonically deranged 4-piece have released some of their debut material a little earlier than excepted with their new EP entitled “The Corvid- 19 EP”. Sit tight the unconverted, as you are in for one hell of an audible attack!

The EP begins with the bellows of I’LL SWALLOW YOUR SOUL straight out of Evil Dead II, just to set the tone before the music has even started! We are soon met with a full-frontal assault of Hardcore Metal-Punk for their song “Satan Is Waiting”, featuring precise vocal squealing, with machine gun-like delivery. After being hit by a wall of noise we get an instantly catchy chorus telling us about the lake of fire consuming our souls and then praising their big red idol with a shout-along gang vocal. The sound of the bass guitar is like a buzz-saw hacking its way nicely into the sweeping synths and pounding drum beats alongside it.

“Lady In The Lake” slides into the mix next with some ambiguous lyrical content, building up into trashy shouted vocals and some slick muted bass guitar chugs. This track is HEAVY but has a great underlying groove to it, which contrasts nicely with the much harsher sounding percussive clash of the cymbals. We are then introduced to the pulsating icy synth sting of the most relevant song on the EP so far entitled “The Virus (Interlude)”. With the necessary creepy Gothic church organ creeping in and becoming nothing short of the new soundtrack to the next instalment of the 28 Days Later franchise (28 Years Later maybe?). 

“Mountains” fires off guns a-blazing’ with a barrage of noise and some nasty riffs over a very angrily screamed vocal delivery. The breakdown section harks back to that post-apocalyptic end of days vibe that the band have perfectly crafted. Finishing off with the track “Semen Demon”, it really has an infectious bounce to it, sucking you in and smashing you over the head with a glass bottle on arrival. Adding a bit more of a humorous element to this assault on the senses, it’s finishes off our introduction to Anti-Crust’s deformed little realm of fire, eternal suffering and deep pan pepperoni.    

This is a band that you NEED to see live at least once in your life. I have been lucky to witness them on several occasions and although I will admit I’m not a huge fan of their music, I still have an affinity to everything they are currently doing and still consider myself a big fan. I’m sure it’s got nothing to do with the vocalist being a giant semi-naked crow with teeth and the giant slice of pizza with a pitchfork who stands on stage with them either.

Anti-Crust are truly a unique band who blend together a love of heavy music and absurd comedy with a polite nod to the twisted dark arts which encompasses their whole image. If you are fan of bands such as The ResidentsThe Misfits or Gnarkill (thanks to my partner Beth for that one!) then you should check them out. It’s like Papa John’s answer to GWAR with deranged results!

“The Corvid- 19 EP” is available now. check it out here on Bandcamp. For more on Anti-Crust, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Mitchell Tennant – 31/03/2020

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