Dan Burridge – Just Fooling Around (single review)

After his brilliant introduction in 2019 with debut single “Ride Again”, Dan Burridge has laid down an early marker in a brand new decade with this punchy, sixties inspired ball of fun, accompanied by his first video, shot by the superb Focus Shift Films.

From the off it’s all breathless energy, fuelled by a barrage of guitars and rumbling drums. Think Yardbirds, think Monkees, think early Stones when they pumped out endless records full of pure, unadulterated pop music.

It’s clear Burridge has an ear for a tune and with just three songs released, he has shown he can try his hand at an array of different sounds, all with the effect of conjuring up highly listenable pop/rock music.

Burridge considered delaying the release of this single due to the word I refuse to mention (Coronavirus), but in this time of unprecedented uncertainty and unrivalled collective anxiety, “Just Fooling Around” is EXACTLY what we need right now to lift some of the tension!

“Just Fooling Around” was released on Friday 20th March on all the usual online platforms. Get it into your ears here on Spotify. Be sure to check Burridge’s social media pages.


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