Exciting Newport Artists – An alternative list – Part 2

If you read last weeks article “Exciting Newport Artists – An alternative list – Part 1” then thanks! Hopefully you found a few new favourite artists and you’re now following them on social media and telling your pals about them!

The publishing of part 2 feels like it is being posted in a new world, let alone a new week and these artists I write about and will keep on championing need support now more than ever. Have a read, follow them by clicking their hyperlinked names and keep on spreading the good word.

The Bug Club

The Bug Club are a band fast on the rise and had somewhat of a breakthrough year in 2018, playing on the ‘Rising Stage’ at the esteemed Green Man festival. Sam, Tilly and Dan are an absolute delight and the on-stage chemistry they bring is something special. They are another band waiting to release their first album and there are some very strong rumours that it is pretty damn good!

This is the brilliant “Lorraine” and they’ve got loads more where this came from!

Burning Ferns

Burning Ferns may have been around over a decade, but that doesn’t make them any less exciting. The fact their live shows are so far and in-between only adds to their excitement as you know that when they do play a full show it’s a DO NO MISS.

Their two albums released thus far are a thing of beauty and there’s every chance we may hear some new material from the pscyche rockers this year. Fingers crossed!

This is “The Watchers” from 2018 album “Public Mono”

Cosmic Bambina

Cosmic Bambina might be one of the newest bands around, but they’re intent on playing catch up and have made their mark with a string of exciting shows. Part dream pop, part lo-fi, part vintage indie pop, each band member stamps their own influences to create a unique sound. Keep your eye out for their debut recording in the near future and plenty of live performances (well, y’know, when this is all over). You can also catch singer Lauren Nia playing solo shows across the city (well, when this is all over)

Cosmic Bambina are that new that there aren’t, to my knowledge, any videos of any songs out there yet, so here’s a lovely photo of the band!

Petter Rylen

You want something a little different? I give you Petter Rylen! Petter is a jazz pianist from Sweden and has spent time in Denmark and Nigeria on his travels, before landing here in Newport, where he hosts live shows from his house whilst also serving up Swedish brownies for his guests! Pretty unique!

Petter has just released his “After The Meltdown” EP and is currently working on his debut ep as a singer and he also teaches songwriting! Here’s Petter in his own house playing one of those shows!


I know very little about instrumental band Aaronson, but I know enough to be excited. Actually, just one third of Aaronson reign from Newport (the other two being from Barry), but that’s enough for inclusion in this list. That person is drummer Morgan Wicks, who drums for both Jack Perrett and Dan Burridge and has also drummed for Joe Kelly and is in about seven other bands additionally. They describe their music as “post rock”, but that doesn’t really justify their sound!

Here they are playing “Lowest Sun” at “The Big Gig Final” in Fuel earlier this year.

We’ve Come To Steal Your Energy

WCTSYE are a band I have written a fair bit about. They are true mavericks who rip up the rule book, douse it with lighter fluid and set fire to it, dissolve it in acid and then bury the remains for good measure. And then…ah, that’s enough. They do what they want to mixed reviews, something they thrive on! Oh and they’re my favourite artist to write about in case that wasn’t plainly obvious!

Check out the hypnotic “Always Never”

Ian Lynn Palmer

Ian Lynn Palmer has been doing his thing in various bands for a while now, but it is only recently he has taken to the stage as a solo artist with his acoustic guitar and harmonica. Palmer’s debut solo album is nearly upon us, expect some blues, folk, Americana and some life stories!

Check out “Skelter Helter” below, which Palmer recently submitted for the Tredegar House Folk Festival competition back in February.


Just before I started writing these words, I found out that Deathtraps have just released their third album “The Deathtraps Stole Your Rock N Roll”. How did I miss that? Deathtraps, from Newport, are a bit of punk and a load of rollicking rock and roll, with that Stooges dirtiness. Now I know about this new album, look out for a review sometime in the next few weeks!

Check out the pure raw energy of “Let’s Fall Out Of Love” from the aforementioned new album.

Paul Divers/Kings Alias

Ah Divers, here he is, last but certainly not least, a very solid bookend in fact! Divers has operated in various guises over the years, but his current vehicle for his ska punk/reggae is three-piece Kings Alias. He’s also picked up a bit of momentum on the circuit this year performing solo and had a big old list of dates lined up until…yeah, you know (not gonna say it). Likes a can as well!

Check out “Government Warning” here

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