Exciting Newport Artists – An alternative list – Part 1

If you’re on the internet (and you are, right?) and live in South Wales it would’ve been impossible not to have seen the recent WalesOnline article publishing a list of exciting artists in and around Newport right now.

It’s great to see an article promoting the artists we have on our doorstep and we’re really chuffed for the artists who made the list, many of whom are mates of ours, but there have been suggestions that the list was somewhat lacking in diversity.

The very reason this blog exists is to promote and support as many acts from this tiny part of the world as possible, so we couldn’t resist compiling our very own list of those artists who didn’t make that list. Due to the sheer amount of artists we’ve decided to publish this piece in two parts. Have a read of part one here and check back for part two early next week with a whole bunch of exciting artists!

Joe Kelly & The Royal Pharmacy

Whether he’s playing solo or with his brilliant backing band The Royal Pharmacy (and what a name!), Joe Kelly always puts on a captivating performance, never lacking in energy, heart and raw emotion. When all five of the band are together there’s no better live experience in South Wales. With their debut album about to be launched, it’s a massive year for them.

This is “Home”, from their ep “The Road”, released last year.

Dan Burridge

Although he has just the one single to his name so far, Dan Burridge is already making waves. Single two, complete with a video, is recorded and about to be released and I can verify it is an absolute bumper of a tune. Sixties inspired with a bombardment of guitars and a chorus that will have you hooked, this is the sound of Burridge making his mark early in this brand new decade.

Beth Davies       

Beth Davies has been away for a while (Liverpool, precisely), but is back and ready to once again make her mark in Newport. Beth recently played the inaugural Westgate Sessions with Joe Kelly and we hope to see and hear lots more of her in 2020. Check out her gem of a tune “Veins”, recorded back in 2017.

La Forme

La Forme offer something completely different to anything else in Newport with their 80s electronica/synth pop. New single “Let Jenny Sleep” has just been released to critical acclaim by me. Check out my review of it here, where you will find a link for the song on Bandcamp.

Learning to Lip Read is another beaut, released last year with an accompanying video.

Ruby Kelly

Just 17 and yet to release a song, Ruby Kelly is a precocious talent. With a busy summer festival season ahead and whispering s of her first batch of songs being recorded, 2020 is already looking like a breakthrough year for the singer-songwriter from Newport. Check out this version of original song “King of the World”, which she posted back in January. It’s a rough demo, but you’ll get the buzz!


Disgusting, nasty, filthy and horrible are all words that Pizzatramp would probably self-deprecatingly use to describe themselves. And make no bones, they are all of that and more. They’re also witty, socially aware and a thrilling band to watch. Known around the world in their genre, they are true stars of DIY punk. Their Facebook posts are absolute gold as well.

“Millions Of Dead Goths” (presumably a nod to MDC), at 2 mins 16 secs is pretty much prog for Pizzatramp.

The Honest Poet

From Chepstow, The Honest Poet is an artist creating music that blends (but isn’t exclusive to) soul, r&b and poetry. It fashions a pretty unique sound which refuses to settle on genre song to song. His last release “Meant To Be”, featuring Toggz and Eye.bx has all sorts going on. In a good way of course! Check it out below:

Selena In The Chapel

With her blend of reggae and soul, Selena Jerome is a unique gem in the Port. Although she had a quiet 2019 on the recording side, she has plans to release some new stuff this year. In fact she is about to announce a collaboration with a Dutch rapper very very soon!

What does “In The Chapel” mean? In her own words, it is “the place where she is at peace”. Check out the full interview I conducted with Selena back in October last year here. You can watch her song “Dice” in the link below:

That Which Ate The Moon

Do you like getting stoned? Do you like metal? If the answer to both of those questions is a solid yes then the self-proclaimed stoner metal band That Which Ate The Moon are a band you’ll want to check out. Actually, even if you’re not into getting stoned or metal, chances are you will love this hypnotic band. Check out their latest single, released last November, “Transcended Psychonaut”.