Petter Rylén – After the Meltdown (ep review)

I’ll be honest, when this one came through, I was a little tentative and now I’ve listened to this five track ep a few times…I’m more than a little tentative. What do I know about piano jazz?

The answer to that question could be written on half a leaf of one of those yellow sticky note pads you find around the house but have absolutely no recollection of ever acquiring. So how does someone who knows next to nothing about jazz go about reviewing piano jazz music? Well, with great difficulty!

A bit of background on Rylen. Originally from Sweden, he moved to Nigeria in 2016 after studying at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, before settling here in Newport in 2017. He is a much-travelled musician, picking up lots of experience along the way, shaping the eclectic performer he is today.

As you can gather, I’m in no position to compare or critique and expecting me to would be like asking Liam Gallagher to psychoanalyse Nietzsche or Plato (taking away the fact they are long dead). It wouldn’t really be fair for me to pretend to write in any depth about something I’m not equipped to write about. And if that sounds like a bit of a cop out, it’s because it is a bit of a cop out!

Rylen is accompanied on “After The Meltdown” by Danish jazz musicians Kresten Osgood (drums) and Casper Nyvang Rask (double bass), two artists he loves as friends and admires professionally. Between them they create 21 minutes of piano jazz of various intensities, from the relaxing “We Floated Into Land” to the pure anxiety ridden “The Magical Garden”.

So what do I know about piano jazz? Still nothing. Not that it matters, I’m not sure I’m supposed to and I’m probably more tentative than when I set up to write this piece. I think Rylen will be happy with that and will probably see it as a mission accomplished!

“After The Meltdown” is released on February 23rd on CD and via streaming sites such as Spotify. For a CD, check out Rylen’s website here, you can also check out his Facebook page for everything about him.

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