HMS Morris – Babanod (single review)

From Bubblewrap Collective comes “Babanod” by Cardiff’s favourite psyche duo HMS Morris, with this specially made for Welsh Language Music Day release, which in case you didn’t know is TODAY (that’s 7 February).

Due to my inability to speak any Welsh (I know, I know), I’m not in a position to try and decipher the lyrics, although to be fair that’s usually a tricky enough task for me when listening to songs written in English. However, I am reliably informed that the song is about the awkward moment at a friend’s wedding when someone feels compelled to tell you that “you’ll be next” and there’s a decent chunk of us who can relate to that. Leave us alone!

The music, ahh the glorious music. As a rule, HMS Morris aren’t really a band you would pigeonhole, having dipped into various genres in their career now spanning two albums and numerous singles and ep’s. “Babanod” is a synth pop fans utopia; gleaming, sparkling and drenching you in summer glow. Unfortunately, we’re a while away from those long, drawn out nights, but we can dream for now. Alternatively, stick this tune on repeat, keep those eyes closed and you might just be able to convince yourself otherwise!

“Babanod”, as mentioned above, is released digitally TODAY. Get it here on Spotify. If Spotify isn’t your bag, it is available on all major streaming platforms. For all things HMS Morris, check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Upcoming live dates:

Cinema & Co, Swansea – 07/02
Tiny Rebel, Cardiff – 15/02

Gavin Facey – 06/02/2020

HMS Morris

Artwork by Mari Elin