Mike Dennis – Three Trees pt .1 (ep review)

After the release of the phenomenally good “Edge In Wordways” in 2018, Mike Dennis returns with this brilliant ep. As always with his releases, “Three Trees pt.1” is a multifaceted composition that offers deep insight into the psyche of the looping, violin playing rapper.

Mike Dennis is a unique talent and as well as being both unique and talented, he is a pretty complex chap, but I guess that’s something which often comes with the territory of having a gift. Dennis is acutely aware of the fine lines between fame, success and broader adulation as opposed to someone who is just very gifted. This is something that clearly rankles with him, which he cleverly conveys on track two “Famous” (video here). Yes, it’s a song to be taken with a pinch of salt, but many a word said in jest, and let’s be fair, he’s got a point!

Dennis is joined by female artist Cinta on all three tracks, whilst regular contributor Henry features on the equally smashing “If There’s A God” and Paul John Bailey on final track “Drop In The Ocean” in this collaborative effort which sees him in new territory creatively.

It’s difficult to envisage Dennis without his violin and although it is still there in sprinklings, it takes a backseat on these trio of tunes, piano being the predominant instrument throughout. It shows his ability to adapt and evolve, yet retain the appeal that makes him the exceptionally standout artist he is.

“Three Trees pt.1” has already been released. The official launch night is at Grain Barge in Bristol on Thursday, February 20. Tickets are £5, you can get them here. Mike will be selling hard copies of the EP, in the meantime, check it out on Bandcamp.

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