Bryony Sier – ID (single review)

Bryony Sier’s newest single and last statement of a busy 2019 see’s her return with an expanded and evolved sound, more daring and polished than she has sounded before.

Lyrically wise, it is Bryony as we know her. Tapped into the subconscious of an often confused, trapped youth, she is a spokeswoman for a new generation struggling with modern day anxieties. With social media a staple part of society, image, or perceived image, has never been more prevalent. Comparisons with previous generations are a moot point.

Musically, “ID” is clearly Bryony, but more grandiose. Whilst the roots influence and trademark finger picking are on show, the sound is bolstered with the assistance of her producer Charlie Francis. Bryony Sier mark 2 has arrived, immerse yourself!

“ID” has already been released and is available on all the usual streaming sites. Find it here on Spotify! Keep up with all thing Bryony on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Bryony - ID