We’ve Come To Steal Your Energy – Morning (2 track review)

We’ve Come To Steal Your Energy thrive on the absurd. They’re as bedroom/DIY as it comes. They don’t adhere to rules, they do what they want, ok to mixed results and reviews, but that’s kind of their point and to me they are true mavericks.

So it will come as a bit as a surprise that they’ve released the most relatable song I’ve heard not just this year, but in any year ever. Listed as the second of the two songs, but appearing first (they’ve done that on purpose, right) on the tracklist, “Second Cup Of Coffee” is a song quite literally about it being early in the morning and not wanting to go to work. I’m with you.

Second track (or is it first?) “Morning” was included on a demo tape (well, CD) the band sent to be earlier this year. Rather than write something new, I’ll just copy and paste what I wrote before, because I can.

“…which manages to sound like Barrett era Pink Floyd, post Barrett era Pink Floyd (with Barrett on vocals) and post Pink Floyd era Pink Floyd if this could ever be a thing”.

You can listen to “Morning” on Bandcamp already. Here.