Feverjaw – Dawn Chorus (single review)

Single number two of the year for Cardiff/Caerleon duo Feverjaw and it couldn’t be further away from debut “Landspeed Record”, released earlier in the year and reviewed right here.

Whereas the former soared with it’s luscious strings, new single “Dawn Chorus” is a different beast altogether, channelling the Pixies and Sonic Youth with it’s driving guitars and bass.

Although the tracks very much take on their own sound, the common theme with the two is the fact they are both catchy and make you want to listen to it again. And that’s what we’re here for, right? Lots of boxes ticked and much to look forward to as the band look to release a debut ep in December. Eyes on this duo!

“Dawn Chorus” was released on November 22nd on all the usual platforms, including Spotify. Keep up to date with future Feverjaw releases and live dates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Dawn Chorus