Dan Burridge – “Ride Again” (Single review)

From taking a quick look at Dan Burridge’s social media pages it would appear as though he has had a quiet 12 months. Not so! As well as taking the reins on bass for Jack Perrett, Dan has very clearly been busy writing material of his own, the result of which is this mightily impressive debut single.

Loaded with hooks from the opening bars (which resemble “Dark Side of the Moon” era Pink Floyd), “Ride Again” twists, turns and soars and refuses to settle. Reaching a crescendo of emotion and intensity in an expressive middle eight, before withdrawing to a barrage of crunching guitars, this could be “The Cooper Temple Clause”. This is a good thing.

At five minutes, it may at first seem a little long for a debut single, however Dan doesn’t seem one to conform and at no point during the song is there reason to lose interest. With “Ride Again” Dan has conjured up a tune that could have been produced by an artist far more established than someone releasing their first single, making it an all the more impressive feat.

“Ride Again” is backed up by the stylish, brooding b-side “Everyone’s Out To Perform”, of which the highest accolade I can offer is that it is too good to be a b-side. Perhaps a little foolhardy, perhaps an indication of Dan’s confidence in his own repertoire he’s yet to unleash on the world.

“Ride Again” is released on August 2nd on all major music streaming sites including Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes. Go listen!

Dan Burridge

Artwork by @trippiesteff

See below for more about Dan:


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