About…Finding Aurora – (interview 29/07/2019)

Since their formation in November 2017, Newport’s Finding Aurora have made a big impact on the local music scene with infectious songs, exciting live shows and boundless enthusiasm. On Saturday August 10th they play a homecoming headline show at Le Pub, to coincide with the launch of their new single “Overdrive” and to possibly showcase a whole bunch of new tunes.

In the first of what will hopefully become an at least semi-regular feature I caught up with singer/guitarist Sam (SJ) and bassist Luc (LS) to discuss the upcoming gig and new single with the hope of finding out a little more about them and what they’ve got up their sleeve…

Finding Aurora, left to right, Luc (bass), Nick (sticks), Sam (guitar/vox)

AS: Evening both. Firstly, a big thanks for joining me in the very first About Sound “live” interview! I’ve got a couple of questions lined up, but I don’t want to be too rigid, so I guess we’ll just get started and see where we land!

Your first year as a band has been pretty full on and it’s safe to say you’ve immersed yourselves in the scene with an EP, video, live shows and even a short documentary; what’s been your highlight(s)?

SJ: Yeah, it’s been a really overwhelming first year. We’ve been non-stop, even when we have time off we’re still practising and writing a tonne of new music (which is due for release this year). I’d say the highlights for us would definitely be the gigs we’ve played, we played a sold-out hometown show at Le Pub for Let It Happen music blog – what a show that was. I’d say just starting out and having the reception and support we’ve had from the beginning is the biggest highlight for us, it’s the reason we do this, the support is brilliant

AS: It’s obvious that you love playing live. Sam you’re not just a confident front-man, but you’re also very animated (note: trademark kick-out), is this something you consciously think about or does performing come naturally?

SJ: Yeah, playing live I think is where we really stand out, I’ve always wanted Finding Aurora to be a stand out live act, it’s where we pour our hearts and energy out. There’s nothing like it. Hahaha yes! I just love to move about and shake my hair around, I think it’s so hilarious and makes the audience laugh. I even see Luc grinning at me sometimes haha!

AS: And Luc, classic bassist, just let him get on with it and do your thing I guess?
LS: Yea, I’m not as energetic as Sam so I sort of stay back and just appreciate it from a safe distance

AS: Probably wise! Back to the start in 2017. Every band needs a name and Finding Aurora is a great name, what was the inspiration behind it?

SJ: Thanks man, that’s nice of you to say. It came from one of my favourite Foo Fighters songs called “Aurora”, something about that word is just beautiful and it sort of represents to me the search for the light in life, for me it’s the music and my friends and family.

AS: That’s a lovely answer! Fast forward to the now. I’ve yet to hear new single “Overdrive” (hint hint), but from your social media posts I’m guessing it’s going to be loud and fast. Correct me if I’m wrong!

SJ: Thanks man! The best thing about us is we can really do a lot of variety in our music, I don’t want 2 songs sounding the same and I guess the EP reflects on that, I think it’s dull when a band releases a song that sounds just like the other one. “Overdrive” is going to be a big shocker to everyone who listens and follows us, it’s a real big rocker. It’s got a thumping drum groove and it’s very dynamic. Dynamics are a big part of our sound as a band, I think it’s so important and keeps it interesting. We’re working with a good buddy of ours Tom Auton (singer/songwriter/producer) on this track, he is a real musical talent, he rocks!

AS: Looking forward to hearing it! Yeah, I got that with the EP, you’ve got “Haley”, which is pretty much power pop and then “Nick’s Gone Fishing”, which smashes you around the head!

I’d like to talk a little bit about the writing process, how are the tunes initially formed and how do you go about developing them as a band?

SJ: Initially I’ll demo a song at my house and then we bring it to practice and develop it together, we’ve been rehearsing new songs for our headline show on August 10th. They sound absolutely huge, we’re just getting better as a band. It’s such an exciting and nervous feeling, I think the crowd will react better to these new tracks, I think we’ve found our sound.

AS: Exciting times indeed! It’s less than 2 weeks now (Sat 10th August) until you headline Le Pub/launch “Overdrive”. What can the audience expect?

SJ: This is going to be our biggest show yet for sure, it’s always a big deal headlining your hometown. We love doing it, Le Pub is where we really got picked up. We headlined there twice last year and the room was fuller each gig. It was very surreal. We’ve got a band from Cardiff supporting us, I can’t remember their name, but Steffan Pringle is in it, he’s a top class producer. We’ll have loads of merch on sale as well. My mum might be on merch stand! She’s a star!

AS: And finally, without wishing to look too far ahead, what can we expect in the next 12 months or so from Finding Aurora?

SJ: I have a really exciting feeling for the future of Finding Aurora, we’re booking some big shows for the end of the year – we’ll be announcing one at the Le Pub gig. More than likely coming back as a 4 piece…oh and even more new music and videos too! I can’t wait for it all, it’s special.

AS: Cheers lads, see you on the 10th!

Entry is just £3 and tickets are selling fast. Click here to order your tickets and make sure you don’t miss out on what promises to be one hell of a night! See ya there!


Photos by Kamila Jarczak

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