Ynys – “Mae’n Hawdd” (Single review)

You would surely need to have something intrinsically wrong with you not to love this latest release by Ynys (pronounced un-iss), the new project led by former Racehorses/Radio Luxembourg guitarist Dylan Hughes.

“Mae’n Hawdd” (which translates to “It’s Easy”) picks up where debut single “Caneuon” left off, with a glut of dreamy keys and strings that provide the backdrop for a melody that sucks you in almost instantaneously.

Hughes enlisted the dulcet tones of old pal Mali Llywelyn for “Mae’n Hawdd”, a song that was written as long as five years ago following a midnight coastal stroll; close your eyes and you can almost feel/smell the sea breeze as it floats across your face. A bit much? Probably! But honestly, “Mae’n Hawdd” really is that beautiful!

“Mae’n Hawydd” was released digitally on the always fantastic Libertino Records (really, check out their catalogue of artists) on 26/07. Listen to it on Spotify or YouTube and make sure you catch it live at one of the Ynys upcoming shows, which includes Swn in Cardiff this coming October.


See below for more on Ynys:


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