We’ve Come to Steal Your Energy – “Work In Progress (supporters copy)”

Who the fuck are “We’ve Come to Steal Your Energy”? I’ve no idea. Sounds like a threat, or maybe a promise; perhaps it’s just a name created with the purpose of creating intrigue, something the band clearly enjoy.

I received this limited copy demo CD a few weeks ago (ok, months, sorry WCTSYE) after responding to a Facebook book post of theirs promoting their “badly recorded bedroom tapes”. What’s not appealing about that? A couple of weeks later and I had the CD in hand, complete with a track-list and quirky sticker.

It’s taken me a while to have a proper listen, mainly because I have only one CD player. It shouldn’t be too difficult to sit in a room and listen to a CD all the way thorough without moving, but actually, it is. I probably could’ve burned the CD to my laptop and stuck it on my phone, but I’m lazy and hugely incompetent with even basic technology.

Anyway…the music! I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the 15 track CD considering the self-deprecating social media posts from the band and I admit to initially pressing play with a little trepidation.

Songs range from the 31 seconds (and seriously creepy) “Drunken Musicians”, to the 12 and a half minutes “I’m Awake”, which manages to sound like Barrett era Pink Floyd, post Barrett era Pink Floyd (with Barrett on vocals) and post Pink Floyd era Pink Floyd if this could ever be a thing. It is to be noted that all of the aforementioned (presuming you followed it) can only be taken as a positive.

Other personal highlights include “Tear Away”, reminiscent of Blur in their late 90s/early 00s experimental and creative peak, an influence that can also be heard in “Rasputin”. Amongst the many sounds and off the wall samples, it would be easy to overlook melody, which is certainly there; the simple yet infectious “Yellow Bag” exhibit A.

It’s feels almost impossible to properly review a bedroom demo as the very purpose of its existence is to find out what works (there’s plenty of this) and perhaps what doesn’t work (there’s some of this too). It is clear however that there is an abundance of creativity floating around the group, which will hopefully become more structured once they’ve decided which direction they wish to go, if that is their objective.

So who are We’ve Come to Steal Your Energy? I’m still none the wiser about who they are, but I know what they are and that is a group of musicians with a penchant for experimenting and exploring with different sounds and instruments, whilst presumably having bucket loads of fun along the way. If that’s all it is then I can live with that, but I’d much rather see how they develop and evolve as they progress through their musical voyage. That would be far more satisfying.

Released as a hard copy initially, the full works, plus a little more is now on bandcamp. WCTSYS are a group of musicians intent on progression and often upload songs and ideas on their Facebook page. They also have a regularly updated website where you can keep tabs on their latest project eXPERIMENT as well as listen to a selection of songs on this compilation and well some other demos. Check it out, be part of something.

we've come to steal

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