Pencil Pushas -Hasta La Vista, Baby! (EP Review)

I’ll level with you, I’m not a massive film head. I like films, but I’m not great at following storylines, often don’t get to the end and it’s not unusual for me to Wikipedia search the film after it’s finished to find out what actually happened. It’s not my fault, it’s just the way my brain is wired (or rather un-wired). Think Jez from Peep Show and his struggles with the Matrix and you’ve pretty much got it.

When I heard that Scott Bowman (of Apple Tree Theory) and Jon Lilygreen (formerly of Apple Tree Theory/various others) had written and recorded a 5-track ep about Arnold Schwarzenegger movies I had to check it out. Sure, many of the references were bound to be lost on me (I’m not even sure if I’ve seen Robocop), but it’s a must listen, right?

Right! Although not how I expected. I imagined the songs to be in the vain of Tenacious D or Flight of the Conchords, which I don’t think is unreasonable considering the songs are about the films of one of the most famous and quotable film stars in the history of film stars!

What Pencil Pushas have conjured up here is a collection of catchy, melodic folk songs, that, if not about Arnie, could’ve been about anything. But this is the point, it’s a refreshing change for songwriters to be writing about something that isn’t love, loss, life and desperation. These are songs for on the bus, for the garden and for the everywhere in-between; songs for music fans, film fans, Arnie fans and of the three combined. What next? Who next? I’m excited!

Hasta La Vista, Baby! (well of course) by Pencil Pushas has already been released and is available on Itunes and Spotify right now. As far as I’m aware it’s not available on any other format, but I could be wrong. Go check it out…baby!


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